Living on a Budget in Toronto
Our Top Tips

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Our Top Tips

Like many major cities, Toronto isn’t the cheapest place to live or travel to. However, it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive either. There are ways to cut back on your spending to make your money go further. Not to mention, Toronto is filled with plenty of free or cheap things to do, as well as affordable places to eat, drink and shop. You just need to know where to look.

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If you’re going to live in Toronto, the first thing you’ll need is an affordable place to live. This is easier said than done, but to avoid being ripped off make sure to compare the prices of various homes and also research the current average rental prices. Look into the cost of renting in different neighborhoods, but also take into account costs such as public transport if you decide to live further away from your workplace or other places that you will need to travel to.

That brings us on to the next tip: using public transport rather than taxis will save money, however, you should also consider walking to anywhere that isn't too far. It could also be worth buying a second-hand bicycle to get you from A to B without spending a cent. It’s also very important to ensure that you aren’t overspending on food by going out for meals too often – cooking is always cheaper. To save even more money, you can download apps with grocery shopping coupons, or shop at places like Kensington market or China town, with the added bonus of a free enjoyable day out. 

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Toronto hosts a range of free events such as concerts, movies, and festivals throughout the year, which are ideal for anyone on a budget. You can also check which museums and galleries offer free or reduced-price entry at specific times or on a particular day of the week. The same goes for cinemas, which often offer half-price entry on a particular day. In the summer, Torontonians love to head to the beach to enjoy a free day of swimming, playing volleyball, taking a stroll up the boardwalk and sunbathing.  If it’s not beach weather, make your way to one of Toronto’s beautiful parks instead, some of which offer splash pools, tennis courts, or bicycle trails for visitors to use for free.

Another free place to visit is the Distillery district - a pedestrian-only village with the biggest and best-preserved collection of Victorian industrial architecture. Spend a few hours wandering through the streets and browsing at the stores and galleries. In winter, there’s no better cheap activity than ice skating at one of the public skating rinks.

When the time arrives for a night out, choose your location carefully. Head to neighborhoods with universities close by, and take advantage of student food and drink deals at nearby pubs, restaurants, and bars. If you fancy some comedy, visit Chuckle and co on a Wednesday evening for a $5 comedy show!

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