5 Best Restaurants You Must Try in Toronto

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​Dining in Toronto has never been exciting; a lot of restaurants in the city have popped up from here and there. The city’s food industry also offers a wide range of cuisines from French, Italian, Japanese, and many more. To help you come up in choosing what restaurants you should try next, we have listed the top 5 must-try restaurants in Toronto.

1. Aloette

Aloette is a new diner located at 163 Spadina Avenue owned by Chef Patrick Kriss. With his exquisite team of chefs, they serve elevated comfort dishes with a kick of French cuisine. When visiting, you can try their Chickpea Fritter, Aloette Burger & Fries, Beef Carpaccio, and Chicken Katsu. They also offer different types of wine from red, white, sparkling and rose.

Aloette cuisine

2. La Palma

Craving for Italian cuisine? La Palma would be a great restaurant to try. Aside from their Lamb Chops ‘Scottadito’ and pizzas, they also have ricotta, pancetta, and pasta dishes. You can find them at 849 Dundas St. West and try it for yourself.

3. Skippa

Skippa Sushi Bar

All the sushi lovers would agree that Skippa offers authentic Japanese cuisine. Located at 379 Harbord Street, their menu changes on a daily basis, offering its customers only the best they can get from an extraordinary Japanese restaurant. Customers can order a piece of sushi, or they can go all out with an omakase dinner.

4. Bar Raval

Looking to chill this weekend? You can head to Bar Raval and dine with their best-selling food, beer, and wine. This restaurant offers an exquisite menu which includes their house classics of Jamon Croquetas, Mushroom Tower, Hamburguesa, and many more. They are located at 505 College Street.

5. Bacchanal

Adding an entry to the French cuisine is Bacchanal, a French bistro located at 60 Sudbury Street. This restaurant has a different set of menus for lunch and dinner and was already featured on Daily Hive and Toronto Life. You can try their Périgord truffle, Merguez Grillé, Steak Frites, and many more.

Bacchanal French Bistro

What Are You Waiting For?

Toronto's food industry is growing substantially and there are thousands of restaurants you can find in this city. This article is intended to entice you on the fantastic experience of the international cuisine that Toronto has to offer. We are so excited for you to try these restaurants out to immerse yourself in the beauty of the city. Leave us a comment if you know another restaurant that is worth exploring in GTA.

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