5 Reasons Why a Sports Fan Like You Should Move to Toronto ASAP

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If you live and breathe sports, and love spending your free time watching games, then celebrating or commiserating with like-minded people, the city where you live should reflect that. Choosing to live somewhere with a vibrant sports scene is essential and will shape your whole lifestyle. Toronto has so much to offer people from all walks of life, and with many different interests. Read on for the top five reasons why the city is an ideal home for sports fans.

1. Toronto Has a Team to Support All Year Round

Toronto’s fans don’t limit themselves to one sport – you’ll find them cheering from the bleachers whether it’s basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball, or rugby. In summer, Torontonians can be found giving their full support to the Blue Jays, and in winter, they’ll be cheering for the Maple Leafs. Go to any Raptors game to see thousands upon thousands of screaming fans, or check out Toronto FC or the Toronto Wolfpack rugby team.

Toronto Raptors Game

2. Legendary Sports Stadiums

Toronto has some of the most legendary sports stadiums in Canada. First, there's the Scotiabank Arena, home to the Maple Leafs and the Raptors. In terms of comfort, style, sightlines, and location, this is an ideal spot to watch a game. Then there's BMO field, home to Toronto FC – an open-air venue with plenty of character, featuring stunning views of the Toronto skyline. Finally, there's the Rogers Centre, home to the Blue Jays, which made headlines when it opened due to its massive size and retractable roof.

3. Sports Culture

Stanley Cup Banners

When Toronto's sports fans aren't watching a game, there are plenty of sports-related cultural activities to check out. There's the Hockey Hall of Fame, with the Stanley Cup on display alongside other memorabilia and mementos. The Sports Gallery in the Distillery District is home to sports books, clothes and prints from Canadian and US teams. You can also visit the plaque dedicated to baseball legend Babe Ruth, who started out playing for the Maple Leafs before making a name for himself with the Yankees.

4. Sports Bars

When you don’t have tickets, or you need somewhere to mingle with other sports fans post-match, sports bars are the place to be, and Toronto has some of the best. Real Sports Bar is the largest in the city, located next to the Scotiabank Arena, featuring giant screens with a side of draft beer and tasty food. The Loose Moose is another popular sports bar, which has been serving up over 65 tap beers for over 30 years.

5. Sporting Spirit

Sports fans in Toronto are incredibly dedicated – you’ll find them cheering on their teams whether they’re having a good season or a bad one. Maple Leaf fans, in particular, follow their team's every move and the waiting list for a season ticket is approximately 20 years! You can spot someone on every corner sporting a Jays, Raptors,or Leafs hat or jersey, and they won’t stop even if their team loses time and time again.

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