The Best Toronto Neighborhoods for Millennials

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Millennials are flocking to Toronto, tempted by promises of life-changing opportunities and exciting life in the big city. Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding the fact that Toronto is an expensive place to live, and most millennials simply haven’t been in the workforce for long enough to accumulate a great deal of wealth. While some millennials opt to live in suburbia and commute to the city in favor of cheaper rent, most of them want to be in the heart of the excitement. Fortunately, Toronto has something for everyone, and that includes several neighborhoods which are affordable for millennials, and each has their unique charm and character, giving residents the amenities they moved to the city for. Read on for the best neighborhoods for millennials to live in Toronto.

Church Wellesley Village

Church Wellesley Village, known as The Village, is a hip, vibrant neighborhood close to downtown. The area attracts plenty of young, interesting individuals from all walks of life. The rent may be a little more expensive than other millennial neighborhoods. However it is in very close proximity to transit, entertainment, and amenities, and it makes a fun and exciting home. The streets of The Village are lined with boutique, cafes, bars, shops, and restaurants to keep residents entertained. The nightlife is vibrant, and the overall lifestyle reflects the diversity of Toronto.

The Annex

The Annex attracts residents from all walks of life, including plenty of Millennials. Its proximity to the University of Toronto tempts students, while it also offers affordable homes and quick, easy access to downtown. This vibrant neighborhood is full of independent clothing shops, tempting restaurants, chic bookstores and fun bars. Thanks to the student population you’ll find plenty of food and drink deals, and a lively nightlife. This is an excellent neighborhood for students and young professionals alike, who enjoy cheaper rent and a fun city lifestyle.


LeslievilleLeslieville is a hip neighborhood, located east of the downtown core, and seen as an ideal home for young professionals and young families. Here you’ll find plenty of indie cafes, craft beer breweries, retro furniture shops, chic clothes stores and design studios. It’s also known as one of the best brunch destinations in Canada, due to its many gourmet restaurants. Leslieville is located in between downtown and the beaches, making both easily accessible by public transport within around 20 minutes, with a night bus to get you home at any hour.

Waterfront Communities

Waterfront Communities is one of the most millennial neighborhoods in Toronto, made up of 49% millennials. The condo boom over recent years provides plenty of affordable units for millennials, and the ongoing revitalization of the waterfront makes this area the place to be. Millennials are attracted to lakeside living, and all that comes with it, while still being close to the heart of the city. Waterfront Communities is also home to some of Toronto’s best attractions including the Distillery District, the Fashion District, and St. Lawrence Market, making it a fun and exciting place to live.

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