The 10 Best Street Markets in Toronto

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In a city as vibrant as Toronto, it’s no surprise that there are markets selling everything from fresh produce to clothes, household items and antiques at bargain prices. Not only is wandering through the markets a fun way to spend a morning, but you’re sure to find something you fall in love with. Here is our list of the most exciting, unique street markets in Toronto.

1. Kensington market

Kensington market has it all, and at unbelievable prices. The eclectic mix of stores sells fresh produce, jewelry, household items, and home decors. However, the markets are most visited for their array of vintage clothing shops. Nestled in amongst the stores is a range of trendy restaurants and cafes which are definitely worth a visit.

kensington market

2. St. Lawrence market

Located in the downtown core, St Lawrence market offers one of the top culinary shopping experiences in the world, showcasing the Multicultural diversity of Toronto. Purchase fresh produce from over 100 vendors, and enjoy regular themed food and drink festivals to taste and learn about food from various cultures.

3. Dr. Flea’s market

Visit Toronto’s largest indoor and outdoor flea market every Saturday and Sunday fro, 10 am – 5 pm. Located in the west end of the city, there are around 400 vendors in total. Buy your fresh produce at the outdoor farmers market, snap up a crazy deal on clothing, jewelry, and houseware, and grab a tasty bite to eat at the international food court.

4. Downsview Park merchant market

Downsview Park merchant market

Located inside an old airplane factory, this is the place to go for unbelievable deals on electronics and bulk items. On top of that, you'll find antiques, health and beauty items, games, books, clothing, homewares and more at incredible prices.

5. Fairmont farm market

This seasonal outdoor market offers a variety of local fresh farm produce, but that’s not the only reason why Torontonians love it. In the summer, visitors can enjoy tennis courts, a soccer field, a baseball diamond, playgrounds, a ping pong table and a wading pool.

6. Leslieville flea markets

Visit the Leslieville flea markets at either Ashbridge Estate or the Harbourfront Centre once a month to buy a range of goods including vintage clothing, antiques, collectibles and artisan goods.

7. Black market Toronto

Black market is a retro style store on Queen Street West, selling vintage and new clothing, printed t-shirts and accessories at unbelievable prices, with no item costing more than $10!

8. Arts market

Visit the Arts market at either Leslieville or Ossington to buy creative homemade arty goods. Over 150 artists, designers and creatives gather to promote and sell their creations.

9. Waterfront artisan market

Over the summer crafters, artisans, chefs, and bakers offer a vibrant range of stalls on Toronto's waterfront. Buy local crafts and food products, as well as original finely crafted jewelry, art, and gifts every Saturday.

Waterfront artisan market

10. Adelaide Eats

Every summer this exciting food market comes to Adelaide Place, featuring food from some of Toronto’s best chefs, restaurants, bakers and food purveyors.

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