5 Best Bars to Chill in Toronto

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Late nights, Friday nights, and weekends in Toronto have never been more fun and exciting. As a city that is gradually becoming one of the best in the food, lifestyle and entertainment industries, Toronto does not falter when it comes to the best tourist spots, restaurants, shopping centers, and bars.

In this article, we will be focusing on the best bars Toronto has to offer its residents and even tourists who come to visit and enjoy the city.

1. Birreria Volo

Located at 612 College St., Birreria Volo is an Italian-inspired bar that offers ales, wine, and snacks. They have more than 20 choices of ales to taste and expect only the best beverage from this bar. About their food, you must try their spicy pork rinds, taralli pretzels, boquerones, and shishito peppers. Food experts from Bon Appetite, Now Toronto, National Post, and many more, have provided excellent reviews for this Italian bar.

Birreria Volo

2. Craft Beer Market

This bar is perfect for all the beer lovers out there who want to try something new for their palate. The Craft Beer Market is located at 1 Adelaide Street East and is known as a haven for everything about craft beers. You can choose from different ales; from wheat, pub cream, white, saisons, blonde, amber, pale, and many more. Once you visit the Craft Beer Market, we are very sure that you will come back for more. This bar will not run out of liquor for its customers.

3. Mahjong Bar

Mahjong Bar

Inspired by the table game, Mahjong, this bar is located at 1276 Dundas St West in Toronto. Same with the other bars, Mahjong Bar does not only offer liquors and beverages, but they also offer exceptional food.  Expect to taste extraordinary food with a touch of Chinese taste on their specialties, shrimp wontons, scallions, spring rolls, braised food, to name a few. This bar also provides a wide range of house cocktails, wine, beer, whiskey, and many more.

4. Paris Paris

This bar in 1161 Dundas St. West is a wine haven. Looking at the list, we got tired of choosing our next wine to taste. Good thing that their website has the full wine list so you can review and research the wine brand before heading to the bar. As for the food, we recommend you trying their stuffed chicken wing, lamb ribs, chilled mussels, and many more. Those food mentioned are served during dinner, so it means that they have a different menu for lunch.

5. Sky Yard at The Drake Hotel

This restaurant-bar can be found at 1150 Queen St West in Toronto. The Drake Hotel has been built since the 1890s, and until now, the hotel is still standing strong with an exquisite bar in it. This resto-bar offers a wide range of menus from breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even snacks. They offer cocktail, beer, and wine daily and upon visiting, you must try their Palermo Spritz, Gin Gin Mule, Drake Art House, and many more.

Sky Yard at The Drake Hotel


Now that you have the top 5 bars in Toronto, you can add these bars to your next bar-hopping trips. Do not be afraid to try a new beer, wine, or cocktail and create more memories with your friends while you hang out. After tasting their best beverage, you must also try their best-selling food to enhance your food experience in Toronto.

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